Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  The boys tried on their "costumes" earlier.  Lightning wears his pumpkin bandana proudly.  Thumper, on the other hand, was certain his was going to cause him great harm.  Before he sat still long enough to get a picture of him, he had to race around the yard, roll around in the grass, and even recruited Lightning into his "kill the bandana" fit.  He even tried to free Lightning from his.

After he wore himself out trying to get away from himself, I FINALLY got a picture of him.  Now he's snoozing and's tough being Thumper.  :)

I only wear this bandana on the special day
when the kids come around for candy.  
It's my favorite.  I take good care of it.

I don't know what this thing is around my neck....

....but I don't like it
and I don't know why she has to take my picture in it.
I tried to get it off but my plan did not work.... 

Lightning, what are these things!?  Let me help you get yours off!

I'll get yours off....then you can help me get mine's got skulls on looks bad!
What do you mean leave yours alone??!

Geez....guess I'll have to do it myself...I finally caught it!
And now to destroy it...hahaha!  

Hope you get lots of treats!  

Thumper and Lightning

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  1. Thumper and Lightning look so sweet. The girls really like their bandanas.

    Nina,Myshka, Sasha, Betsy, Lucy, Phoebe and Lily