Monday, July 9, 2012

No Monday Mischief Here ;)

Since our deck is now finished, I usually spend some time outside in the mornings with the dogs. I'm trying to wake up while they enjoy the cool (and I use that term's all relative to 95°F + afternoon temps and high humidity) mornings.

Thumper usually finds something to stalk. A lizard, a leaf, a dewdrop, a wren, or our resident Crazy Squirrel. Today I heard a noise in the big hickory tree in the yard and noticed nuts falling from it. Crazy Squirel was my first thought but Thumper didn't budge. I watched closely and saw some really big black birds (maybe crows?) walking through the branches. These birds are not common to our tree, so I expected Thumper to pounce with excitement at something new to stalk. He let me down though. He just sat by my feet and watched the tree. No Monday Mischief for him. Darn.

This led me to wonder whether he has met this kind of bird before. Maybe so, and one pecked him on the nose to teach him a lesson?? I'll never know, but I have never seen him shy away from a bird. I'm positive there is a story behind is reticence to stalk the black bird, but he's not telling. :)

Have a good Monday, Blog Friends. Just four more work days til the weekend!


  1. I can't believe Thumper didn't go after the birds! Maybe your right and he has had a previous unpleasant encounter!

  2. Sherri....
    Yeah, one of my favorite parts about adopting adult dogs is their mysterious pasts!! I'm weird, I know!! But, seriously. We will never know or understand these beautiful rescue dogs' histories. Guessing is our only option!! ;)
    Also.... Canines can be unpredictable creatures, like children. Perhaps Thumper just was not "in the mood" to chase those black birds!! Who knows.... ;op

  3. Maybe Thumper decided it was too hot to go after the birds. Linus is a rescue and is infatuated with chasing squirrels.

    Have a great week!