Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Happy Bday Wish

From both the pups:

It's our Aunt V's Birthday!!!!  She is about 7 we think.  We are dogs and we can't count too well past two (since there's TWO of us, you know) so we might be wrong about that. 

We want to sing her Happy Birthday....here goes!

Happy Birthday to you,  Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Aunt V, happy Birthday to you!!!  

Now Thumper chimes in:

Can we have cake now?  What - what do you mean she's not here?  There's no cake?  Bummer.  Oh, she has cake at her house?  Can we go there? 

Then Lightning:

Thumper you would get car sick going there.  Mom can take me....BOL!  I'll eat your share for you!


Aren't they silly??


  1. Thank you Lightning and Thump for taking time to send a bark-out on my birthday! I do have a birthday cake and it is chocolate! Maybe your mom could bake one (or two) for you!

  2. Happy Birthday Aunt V

    The silvers and more