Friday, January 18, 2013

No Snow. :(

Well, it didn't snow. Lightning didn't have to freeze his little toes in it. We do still have mud, mud, and more mud. These dogs are getting a good bath as soon as it dries up enough to not be futile!

Have a good Friday, and weekend if I don't get a chance to post on Saturday. And if you read only pet posts, please skip the rest of this one. I won't mind!

I'm expecting Saturday to be rough - we are planning to go to a funeral for a classmate of my son who passed away unexpectedly. The boy was only 14. It is believed that he took his own life. My son has said that he hates funerals but thinks he should go to show his respect for the boy. That's a very grown-up decision. It is so sad when our kids have such tragedy take away little bits of their youth, but I guess that's how we all grow up, right? I don't understand how this could have happened-I'm struggling with it too. Not only just his passing, but the manner in which it happened. How could someone so young believe this was his solution? Like most of the school community, I'm in shock. Thanks if you made it this far - I just needed to vent a bit.


  1. We are covered in mud here too. I am very sorry to hear of your son's classmates death. I can't imagine dealing with a situation like this ever, much less at such a young age. We will be praying for his classmate, family & all involved.

  2. That's terrible to think that a 14 year old would have enough unhappiness to take his own life. Somehow, the world has fundamentally changed in the last few decades and become much harsher. I hope your son is alright. Take care. Big hugs X

    1. Thank you - you are so right. This world has fundamentally changed, and I really feel for the young people growing up in it.

  3. Sherri...I'm so sorry that your son is having to deal with this issue at such a young age. It breaks my heart whenever I hear of someone committing suicide because I can't even imagine the horrible sadness the person was experiencing that made suicide the "answer." My deepest sympathy to all who are mourning the loss of this young person's life.

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  5. Sherri....
    Please accept my deepest, most heartfelt sympathy for your son's classmate. How sad. How tragic. Our Great Uncle committed suicide in May 2006. I have never forgotten my feelings regarding this.
    Love, Raelyn.... Plus Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!

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