Friday, February 22, 2013

Finally Friday

WHAT A LONG WEEK.  Now it's Friday, and things will slow down at work for the day.  For that I am so thankful.

I think I'll explain what the picture posted on Wednesday was about...

As you probably guessed, he dogs were outside playing.  I had set up the agility jumps to play with Lightning.  I'm working on teaching Thumper the "Down" command.  He's not up to sit-stay-jump yet.  So that's why the jumps are in the background.

For Christmas Thumper got a stocking with stuffies in it.  One stuffy was a brown bone.  He just recently discovered it, and he was playing around in the yard with it when it squeaked.  Oh my.  The game was on then.  He ripped it open, flopped around the yard with it, pulling stuffing out as he went.  He did pause at one point to peak through a hole in the fence and bark at something next door.  I don't know what it was, because I was laughing at him standing there barking, with a tuft of fluff stuck on whiskers.  It would move with each bark and he couldn't figure out how to remove  It must have tickled, because he went back to flopping around the yard, which is when he knocked over the jump.  I was about to pick fluff up before he really scattered it, when I heard a SQUEAK.  Huh?  Stuffy's dead.  Where did it come from?  Thumper.  He was holding the squeaker in his mouth, and he would bit it and make it squeak.  Silly dog.  I was afraid he might swallow it, so I did pry his mouth open and take it.  Then he was unhappy and sulky.....leading to this picture.

Meanwhile, Lightning comes running up to me, as it to say, "Do you see what he did to MY jump?  Go fix it, please?!  He's going to break it!"

Life with dogs...there is always a story.

Happy Friday.  Will be busy with baseball games this weekend so I will also say have a good weekend.


  1. That's so funny about the barking with the fuzzy muzzle! That's like when Blueberry barks while peeing. Do they not realize they just don't seem that fierce when they do things like that? ;)

  2. Why do dogs love destuffing and squeakers so much?! Fortunately, Georgia destuffs very slowly and still has her favourite MaMa Dew (Marmaduke) given to her by the vet 3 years ago. She throws a tantrum, tosses it about and pulls out a bit more cotton every time she doesn't get her way with something. And boy! Can she sulk too! You're right, it's never dull with dogs around :). Have a great weekend x

  3. Our blind pup Breeze loves to rip the stuffing out of things. I have to be careful with Callie's soft soccer ball, we've already "lost" one.

  4. Thumper,
    Your a dog after my own heart! I believe it is our dog duty to rip out the squeaky and make the toy dead! It's my favorite thing to do! Well done!