Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Uncaptured Creativity

I know I've been absent lately.  I just haven't been much in the blogging frame of mind.  I have spurts of creativity, but that's usually when I'm captive in a meeting and my mind wanders, and of course I can't bust out the lap out and capture whatever genius just popped into my head so I lose it.  I could never be a real writer...lol.  How do you handle it when you get into a rut like this?  I'm interested in how other bloggers deal with it.

Aries update - Thank you for your comments and concern about Aries.  He is still in need of prayers for his recovery.  I didn't go into details before, but he was diagnosed with spondylosis and lost the ability to move his hind legs or stand.  His mom and dad have been taking care of him, trying to get him stronger so they can try alternative and physical therapy.  Please send up some prayers for them.

Lightning and Thumper update - We were out of town last week, and I boarded the dogs.  If you followed us last summer, you may remember what a horrible experience they had, so I was a bit concerned about it and had no plans to send them back to that place.  Several people recommended a local vet practice that also has a boarding business.  The boys had an indoor/outdoor run with freedom to move about through a doggy door, and there was more than 1 person there as staff.  Quick access to a vet was a plus.  I hoped they would like it as much as I did.  At drop off, Lightning figured out what was up and kept leading me to the door to leave.  Thumper saw somebody (the kennel manager) there to pet him so the little traitor ditched me.  Lol.  When I went to pick them up, they were both happy to see us and did not have the stressed behavior of last year's experience.    YAY!  They both did well and fell back into their usual routine at home.  I'm glad there's no wild tale to tell this time.  

Have a good evening.  Tomorrow is Wednesday already.  Maybe I can find a good picture to post...Wordless Wednesday should be a breeze, right?


  1. Poor Aries. That's serious indeed and my thoughts are with him and his humans.

    We've had a couple of experiences with our previous dogs where they came home shell shocked (despite being sent to the most famous and pricey boarding kennels in Sydney, never again after that last time). And they've done well in cheaper, no frills places. I have come to the conclusion that dogs don't really need private fake rooms with tellies, couches and rugs to be happy ;) Finding a place for Georgia for 3 months is proving to be a nightmare. There are many friends willing to take her, but not sure they know what they're in for LOL and in many ways, I'd feel better if she was with a professional. Wish some of the wonderful bloggers who foster/take care of dogs were here in Sydney!

    Creativity is a strange animal. True story. I worked in advertising for almost 20 years and had to turn it on like a tap. I got so tired, I couldn't face writing for 10 years after I left. I find that the easiest posts for me to write are the ones I enjoy. The last one was like my botched wisdom tooth removal. Ahhh well. What's a blog for but to have some fun, right?

    Better put an end to this comment or it will be longer than your post :D hugs to the 4-leggeds x

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