Monday, November 4, 2013

Plans, Halloween, and Sparkly Things

This past week did not go according to my plan.

I wrote the last blog post and planned to do a follow up a few days later about Lightning's response to Thumper's craftiness in stealing his bones.  You may have noticed that didn't happen.

I planned to go and watch my son's football game afterschool on Tuesday, but that didn't happen.  I got stuck at work giving a presentation until 7 PM.  I got home late and was greeted by Thumper who was happy to see us and Lightning who wasn't acting quite right.

Wednesday morning did not go according to plan either.  Lightning would not eat, threw up frequently, and didn't want to move.  His weirdness on Tuesday night wasn't just being moody.  He was sick.  So I called my boss to let him know I'd be a bit late (wasn't it a good thing I was there til 7 the night before???).  I took him to the vet fearing the worst.  They called later on to say that he needed to stay overnight.  Great.

After an overnight stay at the vets, a couple hundred dollars in bloodwork (it all came back fine, thank goodness), and some prescription dog food, he came home with the diagnosis of "I think your doggy just got into something in yard while digging for moles".  By now it's Thursday, aka Halloween.  I picked Lightning up from the vet, and I was eager to get home and pass out candy to the trick or treaters.  Wouldn't you know, as soon as we started to leave the vets, it started to storm?  WTH.    

I managed to salvage some of our Halloween tradition.  It might have been storming and trick-or-treat might be iffy, but my pups were prepared for the evening in their Halloween bandannas.  I don't think Lightning much appreciated his.  As my son pointed out, "'s got glitter on it....and he's a boy."  I told him that I was sure Lightning wouldn't know.

WTH am I doing in this sparkly thing? Does she think I'm one of those sparkly vampires from the Twilight movies?  

I'm so embarassed.  Take me back to the vet.  Please.  I beg you.   And for dog's sake, don't take my picture!

I'm glad I've got this bandanna with the skulls on it.    I don't sparkle.  Lightning looks like a girl in that sparkly thing. 

Happy late Halloween, everybody.


  1. Sherri....
    Yeah. I have long-ago given up on making promises on my Blog. Other people can follow through with it. But not me!! ;)
    I am so very glad that Lightning is feeling better!! What a scare!! ;op
    --Raelyn and Rose

  2. What was Lightning thinking giving you a scare like that? :)

    Glad it wasn't anything major. But it's always scary when our pups go down, isn't it?

    BTW, you've promised to share the rest of the bone stealing story. Now you owe us. :)