Thursday, December 29, 2011

After Christmas

Well, Christmas is over.  I've already taken the tree and decorations down.  I never found the Christmas spirit this year, and I didn't want to look at it all anymore.  I've been returning the house to normal for the last couple of days.  I was very pleased that Thumper never ate any ornaments, and after an initial obsession with the shiny gold beads on the Christmas tree, he left them alone.    

Santa was good to both Lightning and Thumper.  Each of them got a new stuffed duck.  Lightning got a new orange ball, and Thumper got a new bone.  In typical form, Thumper quickly gathered all the loot and stashed it in his crate.  He is such a hoarder.  I now have the new orange ball put up where I can play with Lightning with it.  I have written off the ducks.  One has already been gutted and beheaded...

Back to Christmas vacation now - it's warm here today and I hear windchimes calling my name.  

Have a Happy New Year, everyone, and thanks for welcoming us to the blog world this year.




  1. It's always nice to get the house back to normal. Glad Lightning and Thumper had a good Christmas.

  2. I will be glad to get things put away too and I WISH it was warm here!