Saturday, January 7, 2012

Afternoon Freedom

So, this week all the people went back to work and school.  The dogs got "their" house back to sleep all day, which I think they must do because by the time we get home, they just want outside to run and play.  Yesterday, Lightning was the first out the door (that's unusual).  As soon as he reached the grass, he dropped his rear and scooted along the ground.  I'm SO glad he waited until he was outside to do that.  About that time, Thunder had finished his first round around the yard (searching for squirrels and cat scents, I guess).  He reached the area where Lightning's rear had been, and he stopped.  Sniffed.  And then dropped his shoulders and plowed right through the grass.  It was one of those, "What IS that smell?  I have to ROLL in it!" moments.  Nice.  At least wasn't something really stinky, but it still kinda made me gag.  

Today I'm procrastinating.  I have absolutely no desire to go the grocery store or do the laundry.  I'm sure I'll pay for my laziness before the weekend is over, possibly when we have nothing for dinner tonight or tomorrow morning when no one has clean socks or pants to wear to church.  Today would be a good day to learn from the dogs - play while it's sunny, nap when you're tired, eat when you're hungry.  In spite of their gross primal urge to roll in stinky stuff, we people could learn alot of them.  **sigh**  No more philosophizing today....I have barking dogs to get in the house before my not-so-nice neighbor makes a scene (can you believe she once threatened to call the cops because Thumper was barking?).  

Have a good Saturday, and may we all get some work and play in today.




  1. I had to laugh at Litening dragging his butt, but even harder at Thunder rolling through it!LOL! Have a great lazy weekend! As far as food goes there's always toast. Right? LOL!

  2. Hey, there will always be chores to do.... there may not always be nice days or good health to enjoy them. Take a break!

  3. Good thoughts! Dogs are NEVER stressed about laundry and they do just fine!

  4. I love these stories! Our new pup enjoyed his first snow today!
    Of course you may use my "Forty-licious" list! Happy almost birthday!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN