Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I'm so bored. I'm at baseball practice again. I think I spend most of my away from work hours at baseball practice or games. The poor dogs are mostly left to their own devices. That explains the lack of stories and pics these days.

Thumper's nose is looking better. The ringworm treatment seems to be working. He has turned into an absolute baby while he felt bad. The big lump started sleeping on my side of the bed (instead of in his own) and now we have power struggles over the blanket. He really doesn't know he's a dog.

Lightning put on some weight due to their lack of exercise and got put on a diet. He acts like he's starving but he's got alot more energy and is actually playful. When he gets some weight off I hope we can start practicing agility again. He enjoyed it, but I think Thumper would be really competitive with it. I just have to hang on til the end of the baseball's got to be nearing an end, right? By the way, I have decided the proper spelling of baseball should be ba$eball. Notice the $ sign.....

Til later...bye.

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  1. Sports can be expensive that's for sure! I'm glad to hear that Thumper's nose is getting better! They always are bigger sucks when they are sick aren't they. Now you just have to regain your side of the bed again! LOL!