Sunday, August 19, 2012

Monday Mischief - Going to Confession

Since my oldest son moved out, we've been working on turning his bedroom into a home office.  It's in a horrible state of disrepair right now, but it is upstairs and out of view...I only go in there when I have time to work on it.  We had stretched out waterproof canvas drop cloths along the walls while we painted.  It's not an urgent project, so we just left the drop cloths there when we finished working on evening, along with a ladder and the closed paint cans.  Then the boys found it......

Hello, furiends,

This is Lightning and thumper.  We were bad dogs.  it was really really bad.  mom says we have to tell the whole internet what we did.    

we thought that drop cloth was a potty place.  we made big big messes on it and she didn't find it for days.

we are sorry but it didn't feel like carpet and it smelled like outside.  mom says it wasn't bad enough that we ruined the drop cloths but we peed on the paint can too. 

we are keeping our paws crossed that dad doesn't find out.    

we are in time out now.  for a really long time.  it may be christmas before we aren't.

**sad puppy dog eyes here** 
slobbers and drools,
thumper and lightning 


  1. Oh dear!! Lightning and Thumper, what were you thinking? Did you think those paint cans were fire hydrants? We'll keep our fingers and paws crossed that your Dad doesn't find out! :)

  2. Oh my. You may never be allowed a treat again. You'd best be very good dogs for the rest of your days.

  3. Oh my kids... the drop cloth is one thing, but the paint cans? ;)

  4. Uh oh! At least you kept it of the carpet. I'm sure mom will forgive you soon. Fingers crossed that Dad won't find out.

  5. Lightning and Thumper....
    I have sort of an eternal sense of inner guilt, probably from being the "trouble-maker" my entire life, which I'm working against. So. Whenever anybody else has been "bad", I feel it!! Yep. Needless to mention, upon reading this Blog post, I felt a twinge of guilt!! ;op
    Love, Raelyn.... And Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!

  6. That is funny that your human didn't find it for days!

    I hope you are let out of time out soon. Gosh - you really made a mess! :)

  7. I shouldn't, but this made me chuckle.