Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where is the weekend, please?!?

I'm tired. Does anybody else ever get like this? I don't mean tired, like ready for a nap. But weary. Worn. Can't think (makes for a fun day at work...not) and don't really want to, anyway. But it goes beyond that, actually. Among other things, I'm tired of the heat and the long days and hearing lawn mowers and weedeaters every time I try to enjoy outside, and I'm tired of the news always talking about presidential candidates and how Michael Vick should be healed in time for regular season. Really? Would it be so bad if he's not?

The dogs have it made. If they felt like this, what would they do? Lightning would probably crawl under the bed in the guest room and avoid us all. Thumper would hide in his crate until he thought he heard food. I tried hiding in my room. The dogs followed. And entertained me by dogfighting on my bed. Now I have to clean the dog hair off of it. Again. So much for escape. :/

Thanks for listening to my rant. I'm going to watch tv and hug a dog or two and try to shake off this foul mood. I hope there is something good to watch. Maybe Project Runway - I don't even mind if it's a repeat.


  1. Feeling weary sometimes just sucks! I too am sick of the hot weather and outside noise. This is why I love winter. It's cold and quiet. You can add layers and sit by a fire or jump in a snow bank if your having a hot flash! LOL!

  2. Ah, winter! You are so correct. I love the quiet of winter. We don't get snow very often, but it gets cold enough to chase most of the people and their noise inside! LOL!

  3. We've been fortunate and this week has actually been cooler for us. I know it won't last and next week we'll be heating up again - but for now, I am just enjoying each cool day we have and counting down until cooler weather settles in for good.

    Maybe you could make your dogs some fun frozen treats! Or play hide and seek with the dogs inside! Or hide some treats for them around the house! Although those things are mostly for your dogs - I'm sure it might cheer you up to see them having a good time! :)

  4. Sherri....
    I have one word for you. Relax, my Friend. Wait. That was three words!! Anyway. Heed those three little words!! ;op
    Love, Raelyn.... And Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!