Monday, June 17, 2013

Smells Like BBQ Chicken

See this?  This is the face of mischief. 

I'm so tired and I smell chicken.....
 It is adorable, sleeps on my pillow as soon as I get up, and smells like barbecued chicken.  Why does it smell like barbecued chicken?  Because yesterday while the dad was grilling, he stuck his head under the grill to lick up the yumminess that was dripping to the catchpan from said grill.  The yumminess then dripped all over his head.  If the warmth of it took him by surprise, he didn't show it.  He was too entranced in licking to notice.

I tried to clean his head.  I just smeared the greasy stuff all around and made him look worse.  Then the dad attempted to hose him off.  Poor dad.  He's not used to bathing dogs.  He did not secure Thumper before the shower began, and Thumper ran off like a banshee and dug himself a hole behind my gardenias.  Then he rolled in it the freshly dug dirt and smeared his head, neck, shoulders, ears, nose, and eyes in it.  He looked camoflaged by the time his dirt-bath was over. 

After the laughing was over, big brother felt bad for him, since he now smelled like a dirt-covered barbecued chicken and had been terrorized by dad and the water sprayer.  Big brother took him aside and more properly bathed him to get the dirt off.  He even dried Thumper off so he could go inside again.  We thought all was good until he dried thoroughly.  And he still smelled like barbecue chicken.  This morning, as I petted the silly boy, I realized my hand was getting filled with the grittiness of dirt.  He worked that dirt into his coat alot more thoroughly that I thought he had!  Looks like Thumper will be getting another bath today.  We will need some super-duper shampoo to get this boy clean.

Thumper, you smell like chicken.
Why do you do these things? 

PS - please excuse the darkness of the photos.  Unlike the dogs, I have to get up and leave for work while it's still pretty dark.  I didn't want to use the flash and ruin the moment....:)



  1. Roooo that is some real pawsome mischief right there! My human says you can use a little washing up liquid (here in the UK you'd use Fairy Liquid - same as for those tea cups!) to break through the grease if regular doggie shampoo isn't strong enough. Use normal doggie shampoo afterwards and rinse well *Waggy tail*

    1. Thanks for the tip! and Thanks for stopping by. :)

  2. Ahahahahaha!!!!! That's hilarious!!! Hopefully, if he falls asleep outside the ants don't try to play "picnic" on his head if he smells that delicious!!

  3. Well done, Thumper! That is some excellent mischief! :D

  4. Sherri....
    Thumper licked the barbeque pan all the while having hot, greasy drippings fall onto his head?! That. Was. Brilliant!! He is the envy of all canines in Blogville now, I tell you!! Hee, hee, hee.... ;op
    --Raelyn and Rose

  5. There is nothing wrong with smelling like chicken.

  6. Could be worse than smelling like barbecue. Could be a whole lot worse...ask our Bill about the time he got sprayed by a skunk or Callie when she rolled in remains of a critter. Yup, barbecue isn't too bad at all.

  7. I wouldn't mind if I smelled barbecue chicken when I woke up. :-) I can't stand it when I was them and then realize I missed some and have to do it again.

    I swear Sampson was rinsed three times last week trying to get the last of the shampoo off his head.