Thursday, July 4, 2013

Greetings from Panama City Beach

Otherwise known as the rainiest-place-on-the-gulf-coast-full-of-boredboys-whose-games-were-cancelled-for-two-days. we are here this week for the end of season baseball tournament. Heavy rain crashed the party two days into it. Monday and Tuesday went as planned. From here on, we are at the mercy of the rain. Since I get a sunburn every time I go to a day time game, this could end up being ok. I hate sunburn.

I'm missing my pups. They are home with a house sitter. I've heard they are doing well. They are eating well. Lightning got some guts and took Thumper's bone, and when Thumper got it back, he would not let it out of his site. They both got a very thorough brushing too. House sitter said all the loose fur was making her itch. I thought it was just a figure of speech until she sent a picture of the eye drops and allergy medicine she bought for the itching. That kinda made me feel bad. I know my house contains more dog hair than dust (not saying there isn't plenty of that too) but I took it personally. I try to keep it clean, and I even hired a cleaning lady, though the thoroughness of the cleaning has been questionable lately. Anyway, house sitter said she got 2 dogs of fur off Lightning, 1 off Thumper, 2 off the floor, and 1 more out of the dryer (really?). Ha. Ha. How can they not be bald? Enquiring minds want to know.

Happy 4th of July to you all. Remember to keep the pups secured if there will be fireworks around. Our family has a deep connection to the military, and I am often reminded of the sacrifices made for the sake of freedom. Even if I disagree with the politics driving the decisions, I see the men and women and their families and the sacrifices that impact their lives long after the tour is over. I will be thinking of that as we celebrate the 4th. A sign in the hotel says fireworks are not allowed in Florida, which is ironic because there are places selling them everywhere we go. I don't know if we will see fireworks, but I believe our day will include a trip to the Ripleys Believe it or not Museum. Finally - something that got the Baseball Player excited (hunting sea shells with mom sure didn't). If he gets to choose dinner, I expect either cheeseburgers or pizza. Isn't the palate of a teenager adventurous?

Enough rambling - its 3 AM and someone's snoring has kept me awake. I've got a good case of insomnia now so I'll see if I can get caught up on my blog reading, provided the Internet connection cooperates. Oh the joys of being away from home. Hug your doggies for me....

Til next time,


  1. Sherri....
    I've been a stranger in these parts of Blogville--again!!--it feels so good to be back!! ;-D
    Enjoy your vacation, Friend!! Everyone needs one from time to time!! ;)
    Raelyn {And Rose, my Beautifully Unique Mystery Dog!!}

    1. I've been a stranger too....way behind on reading blogs and wriitng has been pretty bad too. Seems to be going around Blogville. Some kind of summer writing flu, maybe??

  2. I've been a stranger too....way behind on reading blogs and wriitng has been pretty bad too. Seems to be going around Blogville. Some kind of summer writing flu, maybe??

  3. Oh it's tough when your activities depend upon the mercy of the weather. Thankfully there are just so many things to do in Florida!

    I think I'd be a little offended about the fur comment too. :-)

    Hope the rest of your trip went well!

  4. Dog house sitters need to expect abundant fur; don't be offended. She at least brushed them well. Hope you had a great time despite (or because of) the rain.

  5. Hi Y'all!

    Hope the rain has passed y'all now and you're enjoying some sunshine!

    Oh, my Human got several dogs just off of me this past spring...and I get brushed every week.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  6. We hope you are back home and enjoying your pups!

    Harlow is very small for a Golden. We think her poor upbringing maybe has affected her growth. We aren't sure if she will ever be a large girl - currently she is only about 40 lbs. :D