Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Quickie Update

Hi there - I've been enjoying reading all of your blogs, but I've been less than regular in blogging myself.  I have been snapping lots of pics the pups doing silly stuff, so I'm going to do a quick update here of random stuff.

1.  We are moving!  We stumbled across a house literally around the corner from us as it went up for sale.  1 acre yard, decent house, though a little bit neglected the last few years.  Can't wait to introduce the dogs to the big back yard and watch them run.  Makes my heart happy just to think about it.

2.  Thumper caught another mole.  The guys found it Sunday when they were mowing the yard.  He killed it and hid it this time, so I wouldn't throw away his treasure like before.  I have seen no evidence of a bitten nose this time, and I have not found any ringworm either.  (To recap a previous post - he killed a mole a couple of years ago and ended up with a giant ugly sore on his nose.  I blamed the mole.  I'd like to link to the previous post about his mole-hunting expeditions, but I can't figure out how to do that.)

3.  Since Lightining's surgery a couple months ago, he wants to play alot more, and he is a bit bolder in playing with Thumper.  Typically, if Thumper has a toy, Lightning ducks and hides.  T is top dog, way more alpha than Lightning.  So I was very surprised to Lightning take Thumper's ball, and play keepaway with it.  Or dog parade as I like to call it....Lightning marches purposefully around and around the furniture with Thumper following him step for step.  It eventually turns into chase-me-up-the-stairs, and then Lightning dives under a bed with the ball (Thumper is a bit too big to crawl under there).  Lol.  He's not such an old guy after all.  ;)

Go ahead and stare.  You shiny eyes don't scare me.   I've got the ball now.  HA!

NOTE:  When Thumper got the ball back, he tore it up.  Gutted it and left what was left scattered all about.  I guess if he can't have it, no dog can.  

4.  Thumper has mastered the "down" command.  So far, he knows "sit", "down", and "off".  Working on "stay" and trying to break him of pulling on the leash.  Thanks to some advice from Human Rescues Dog, I am feeling inspired.

5.  Lightning is giving me really dirty looks right now.  I think he is trying to make me feel guilty for blogging instead of petting him.  He keeps scratching his ears and looking pitiful, glancing glaring at me while he does it.   Now he's licking his toes....

On that note, I will wrap this up and go scratch his ears.  It's nice to be needed.

Good night and stay cool...it's miserably hot here.  Thank goodness for A/C.


  1. Moving to a one acre lot - that is great, lots of room for playing outside! Congrats.

    Glad to read that Lightning is doing so well.

  2. Sounds like you're staying busy! I hope that the move goes smoothly. :)

  3. The dogs here have over an acre in which to run and play. I advise adopters about that to prevent weight gain from loss of activity.

    Your dogs will make hay with their new space.

    Love the image of marching, marching....Keep us informed on the new house.

  4. Ah, the great tearing up of the toys. They fight so hard to get them, just to destroy them! What silly pups we have!

  5. Sherri....
    Wait. What?! You are moving?! Wow!! That is huge news, Friend!! ;-D

  6. Thanks for the sharing updating with us. :)

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