Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Renovations and Doggie Romps

Happy Wednesday, blogging friends.  It's been a busy few days here with school starting and new routines (again).  Just when the dogs thought they knew what was going in for summer, it changes.  Luckily Thumper is adaptive and Lightning follows his lead.  Or sometimes he doesn't, and then he jumps on the couch and sleeps all day.  He thinks I don't know, but no other dog in our sheds white dog hair, so he's wrong. 

I've been feeling overwhelmed lately.  Mostly because there seems to be so much to do at the new house.  It sounded so easy in words.  Add a workshop for hubby's car hobby, open up the wall between the kitchen and adjacent room, hire a kitchen designer to design and install new cabinets etc, install new flooring, paint.  It sounded even easier standing in the middle of the place and saying let's do this, and let's do that.  Now, wow.  Contractor didn't work out, so working on a new one.  So far I think I will like this guy better, so I simply say to that that all things happen for a reason.  The kitchen designer didn't pan out either.  Maybe that is a blessing in disguise, too.  Working on Plan B for the kitchen.  Hubby's workshop is on schedule.  I failed to realize that he would have to remove several trees to build it.  Last weekend he borrowed a friends tractor and pulled stumps out of the ground.  That was an anxiety-invoking experience for me.  I was relieved that he almost flipped the tractor over only once.  What is about men and heavy machinery?  It took red wine and anxiety medicine for me to unwind from that ordeal.

On a dog-centered note - I walked the dogs to the new yard for a romp one day, and they loved it.  Lightning wandered around sniffing everything, and Thumper trotted around.  He paced the perimeter, checked out the shrubbery, and then started running across the yard.  At one point, he stopped and looked back at me as if to say, "I'm still going....and she isn't calling me back.  What's wrong with this picture?"  I can only imagine he thought, "I haven't been able to walk this far without a leash since the dog park!!"

Have a great day - :)


  1. Greetings and welcome to your new home. We are "just painting" here, but the dogs are limited on room space for about a week which is stressing everyone, thus, in a smaller sense, I feel your pain. No heavy machinery, though :).

  2. Renovations can be so overwhelming. Just take your time and make sure it is what you want.

    And congrats on the new house!

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