Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Funny Glimpses from Weekend

So it's already Wednesday already, and I never wrote the Monday Mischief post that I was planning. Thumper had a busy weekend, and I had lots of material. But Monday was a holiday (it felt like a Sunday), and I totally forgot to publish the darn post. I've been feeling old lately, but heck, I thought I still had my memory......Anyway, onto the purpose of this post: To share with you the humor of a long weekend at home. Usually, when we are out of the house for long, Thumper is crated. This has been the rule since soon after we adopted him and I learned what Thumper is capable of when he's left to roam. We were home alot this weekend, with short trips here or there. I feel bad for crating him so often, so I just left him out with Lightning while we ran occasional errands. This is how that went: 1. Saturday - I ran away to the mall all by myself on Saturday afternoon and left the Baseball Player (who is now the Football Player) home with the dogs. They made sure he did not get in any trouble. He made sure they did not get in any trouble. Nobody did any chores. 2. Saturday Night - It's college football night. My little Football Player turns the TV to watch LSU vs TCU. It doesn't take long before Thumper decides he needs to be a lap dog tonight. He seems to understand the rule about no dog claws on the leather sofa, because he very gently crawls in my lap making sure to touch nothing but me. He ignores my words (no, stay on the floor, Thumper no!, ouch!) and keeps his eyes averted and tail thumping as he uses my arms and legs as steps. **sigh** He sure is heavy. 2. Sunday - All the people are in and out of the house randomly. We hear rustling in the kitchen, then Thumper appears with his green ball. I assume he was playing. Silly me. Later on, we hear rustling in the kitchen again. Lightning comes running around the corner holding a milk bone in his mouth. Investigation reveals a Thumper-sized opening in the milk bone lid. Umm. The green ball was just a diversion. 3. Monday (or as I thought it was, Sunday #2)- While cleaning up the house, I find a shredded plastic bag. It looks vaguely familiar. Kind of like the heavy duty kind that Lightning's chewy treats come in. What's left of the label says "Chicken basted chips". Yep, he did it again. Raided the pantry and ate all the little rawhides. Also discovered nearby was the Football Player's lunch container. It WAS a blue insulated zippered bag. Now it's trash - minus a zipper and with doggie chew marks all over it. 4. After picking up the mess of plastic and lunch container, I find Thumper sprawled out on my bed, in front of a fan, with a nice little breeze blowing over him while he naps. I had changed the sheets earlier and made the bed without putting the doggy blanket on it. I thought I'd see what a room not overtaken by dogs looked like. He didn't care. He is so spoiled. I don't know what I'd do without him. Hubby's off work today, so when I left for work, I left Thumper out to roam. Can't wait to here what Hubby finds him doing. :-) Have a great Wednesday.


  1. I LOVE that Thumper distracted you with a green ball!!! So much mischief crammed into one long holiday weekend - gotta love it!! :)

  2. I need to know what Husband found when he came home.

    One of my Beagles levitates - he literally can jump 4 feet off the ground in a spring. He, too, gets crated when I'm gone.

    1. I think Thumper behaved when Hubby got home after I wrote this post. I had to wait until yesterday to see more mischief. He was free from his crate when Hubby got home from work earlier than normal. When Thumper heard somebody at the door, he charged the door and jumped up (levitated would be a good description) and clawed the door about 5 to 6 ft up it. Reason #4183 that Thumper is crated when we are gone. He totally goes insane.

  3. Isn't it funny the things they find to get into? Delilah can be counted on to find something she shouldn't.

    I have a chicken stewing in the crockpot today, it is barricaded because I can't be sure she won't attempt to snag it. :-D

  4. Bwah haha! He certainly makes life more interesting! We need the Thumpers of this world for blog fodder. And I'm glad Georgia isn't the only L size dog making a mickey of her owners ;)

    Hugs X