Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lightning set the marsh on fire?

Lightning here...taking over the blog tonight.

I'm confused this evening.  It smells really bad outside, and the air looks foggy all day like the morning sometimes is.  Earlier my boy said it was because of the marsh fire outside of New Orleans and the wind blowing the smoke our way.  He asked Mom what started the fire, and she said Lightning!  That really got my attention.   I looked at her like she was nuts.  Lightning didn't start a fire.  Lightning has been home with Thumper every day!  Hmph....she must have misunderstood.  I'm going to sleep on this one tonight. Maybe my boy will come home from school with better information than Mom had.

What do you think?


  1. Poor Lightning! It's no fun to be blamed for something you didn't do, LOL.

  2. Oh Dog! First they blame farts on us and now this!!!!

  3. Poor lightning - hope the air has cleared for you!

  4. Yes - the air is much better now! Some rain came through and put out the fire and carried the smoke away. No more blaming Lighning!