Friday, August 5, 2011

Who locked the mom out??

So, yesterday I was cleaning the house, stepping over dogs, picking up their things, you get the idea.  Lightning had found a cool spot and was staying out of the way, for the most part.  Thumper was carrying his chewbone around with him like he might lose it and generally staying under foot.  When they weren't watching, I slipped out the front door to check the mail.  When I got back, I opened the door, and SURPRISE-it wouldn't open more than a couple of inches.  I looked in, and there sat two happy dogs, looking at me.  I looked to see why the door wouldn't open and saw Thumper's bone.  He had dropped it at the bottom of the door, like a doorstop.  And it was keeping ME out.  I tried to get Thumper to pick up his bone, but he thought I was playing with him and he'd run away from the door, and then run back.  Thankfully, one of the two-legged boys was home and came and helped me.  But not before laughing and saying, "Let me see how you get out of this one."  I felt like I was on the TV show Punked.  I am always amazed at the naughtiness that follows some dogs.... :)

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