Monday, August 8, 2011


Thumper here telling tales tonight....the BEST thing happened to me.  I got to go for a RUN with one of my people.  It took three of them awhile to figure out to put my purple harness on me, but they finally got it on.  And then I RAN!  It didn't matter that is was hot - I was outside, free!  HaHaHa...the water was so yummy when I got home.  I ran to get some before they could get my purple harness off.  Lightning got to go too, but he just wanted to walk.  Me and my person lapped Lightning and his person twice!  We were so fast...hahaha!!!  I was too tired to thump my tail after all that running.

Night everyone!  Here's a picture of me and the water....

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  1. Look at that tongue! You certainly did get to run, didn't you!