Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Mischief - Thumper takes over

Hello Friends (this is Thumper - I kicked mom off the computer to go prepare for a hurricane so I can tell a story),

Things have changed around here agin.  Our boy went back to school and now we can nap all day.  We sure were tired after our summer trip. 
It started with me and Lightning just playing outside and being good dogs.  Maybe we were barking a lot and ticking off the neighbor lady...we're not sure. But we do that a lot tho.  It's kind of fun.  The lady yells loud.  And then we bark louder...BOL!  So in the middle of this Mom calls us and we see the opened car and we jumped in.    We were so excited to go for a CAR RIDE we were drooling on the windows.  Maybe we were going to DOG PARK!  IT's the best, you know.  When the car stopped, we got out.  It wasn't the dog park.  But there was lots of dogs there - lots of them and they were all barking and saying hello.  Great - FRIENDS!  I thought.  We can play "Who's Alpha?" and have peeing contests.  Lightning wasn't excited...he saw Mom taking the big container of our dog food to the lady at the office.  Office?!?  **GULP***  That's when we knew we were screwed.

This place was OUTSIDE.  You heard me.  O-U-T-S-I-D-E.  What are we - some kind of animals?  We don't live outside.  We play outside and go, um, you know, outside, but we live inside with people.  Anyway I'm not sure what you call the place.  It had rooms for dogs.  With some sort of roof over it.  But it was open.  Sort of.  Mostly. And it was HOT.  Maybe it was camp?  Or hell.  I here people say it's hot as hell around here...maybe that place is what they mean.  I don't know.  We heard the lady tell mom she gave us a nice spot at the end where it  was cool and Mom left us there!  While we in our spot on the end, it started raining and thundering and lightening (the sky kind - not like dog Lightning) and we were scared and wet hot and stinky and OUTSIDE.  Sort of.  It was bad.  We were there for like 432 days.  And nights too.  It was the worst.  

They finally remembered us and came to get us and the food (there was plenty - cause we didn't eat much on our vacation).  We couldn't get away from that office lady fast enough.  We ran to the car like we were chasing cats and squirrels.   At home we ran inside and crawled in our dog beds and slept like puppies.  Inside.  I-N-S-I-D-E.  with air conditioning and hugs and snuggles and pets.  It was heaven.  

Mom is still being punished for making us take that vacation.  Lightning leaves her presents upstairs and I take her spot in the big bed and try to push her out of the bed at night.  It's great being home.  Me and Lightning agree - we don't want more trips if they don't go to the dog park.  Or petsmart, you know, for toys and milk bones.

That's the end of the bad summer trip story.  Does any other dog have a story like that?

Lightning and Thumper

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where is the weekend, please?!?

I'm tired. Does anybody else ever get like this? I don't mean tired, like ready for a nap. But weary. Worn. Can't think (makes for a fun day at work...not) and don't really want to, anyway. But it goes beyond that, actually. Among other things, I'm tired of the heat and the long days and hearing lawn mowers and weedeaters every time I try to enjoy outside, and I'm tired of the news always talking about presidential candidates and how Michael Vick should be healed in time for regular season. Really? Would it be so bad if he's not?

The dogs have it made. If they felt like this, what would they do? Lightning would probably crawl under the bed in the guest room and avoid us all. Thumper would hide in his crate until he thought he heard food. I tried hiding in my room. The dogs followed. And entertained me by dogfighting on my bed. Now I have to clean the dog hair off of it. Again. So much for escape. :/

Thanks for listening to my rant. I'm going to watch tv and hug a dog or two and try to shake off this foul mood. I hope there is something good to watch. Maybe Project Runway - I don't even mind if it's a repeat.

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Monday Mischief - Going to Confession

Since my oldest son moved out, we've been working on turning his bedroom into a home office.  It's in a horrible state of disrepair right now, but it is upstairs and out of view...I only go in there when I have time to work on it.  We had stretched out waterproof canvas drop cloths along the walls while we painted.  It's not an urgent project, so we just left the drop cloths there when we finished working on evening, along with a ladder and the closed paint cans.  Then the boys found it......

Hello, furiends,

This is Lightning and thumper.  We were bad dogs.  it was really really bad.  mom says we have to tell the whole internet what we did.    

we thought that drop cloth was a potty place.  we made big big messes on it and she didn't find it for days.

we are sorry but it didn't feel like carpet and it smelled like outside.  mom says it wasn't bad enough that we ruined the drop cloths but we peed on the paint can too. 

we are keeping our paws crossed that dad doesn't find out.    

we are in time out now.  for a really long time.  it may be christmas before we aren't.

**sad puppy dog eyes here** 
slobbers and drools,
thumper and lightning 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

For the love of Iron Man

Well, we knew this day would come. Stuffie Ironman became irresistible to one particular lab and ended his life as many other squeaky stuffies at our house have. Here is the evidence of his demise....

I'm sorry, Ironman. 
What happened to your legs?  LIGHTNING!!
Have you seen Ironman's legs?!? 
They are GONE!

So far monster Wubba is still intact.  And pretty much untouched.  He tried playing with a couple of nights ago and bonked my son in the head with it.  To be more accurate, he hit in the FACE with it.  OUCH.  You should have heard THAT thump.  My son said it felt like a softball hit in the face.  Monster Wubba may have to be given away to a more fitting owner, like maybe an overgrown mastiff or an Irish wolfhound or a wild horse.  I now know why it was on sale so cheap at Petsmart!  :-)

Have a good day.  First day back in school here.  **sniff sniff**  Where did summer go?