Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Fluffy New White Comforter

Just when I think the boys are not going to give me any good blogging material, Thumper delivers. Enjoy. :)


This morning I was dragging. I've had a couple of nights not sleeping well and was less than chipper as I dragged myself upstairs to rouse the baseball player for his last day of school. Of course, two dogs were racing me to the top of the stairs. They beat me. It didn't take long until my wake up call was complete, and I turned to go back downstairs. This was when I learned what wakes me up FAST--the sight of Thumper, peeing on the new WHITE fluffy comforter (I had been searching for one that I liked for the last few weeks and finally found one!) on the guest bed. Yep, he hiked his leg up and christened it like a mailbox. I momentarily wondered if PetSmart might take him back....then ran for the enzymatic pee remover and started cleaning like a crazy person. I sure hope that stuff works. We have company coming Friday night, and I really don't want them to have a pee-scented bed covering. I've gotten past fretting over dog hair everywhere, but this.....this is a bit much. What the heck could he have been thinking??

So, the enzymatic cleaner is still working. The instructions said to cover it with a wet cloth and wait 24 hours. I'll know by morning whether he did any permanent damage. Meanwhile, he is spending a bit more time than usual on his "taking care of business" breaks. Maybe it's the full moon? Does that affect dogs?

Monday, May 20, 2013


I enjoyed reading the comments on my previous post.  Since Lightning was a little puppy, I believed there was some herding dog somewhere in his genes.  He doesn't act like a Lab although there is a resemblance, especially in color, and then we did a DNA test that showed Lab and St. Bernard in the mix.  However, he is way too small boned to be either of those.  So, at this point, I conclude that he is the color of a yellow Lab, sheds like a St. Bernard, and acts like a herding dog.  I still don't have a guess for where those long legs and tail came from.  Lol.  Truly a mixed breed.  He's a special boy.

We had some time yesterday afternoon to get out in the yard and play.  Both dogs got a good brushing.  I hope I can reduce the tumbleweeds of dog hair that they've been leaving inside.  Then I got out one of the agility jumps.  Lightning perked up at the sight of it, and we practiced his jumping.  He was pretty good and never clipped a bar.  :)

I tried to get Thumper involved in the jumping game, but he does not understand it yet.  The last time I tried, he did the limbo UNDER the bar.  Yep - he's a dog who's used to crawling under fences to get out of the yard.  This time, he trotted up to it and then dodged it.  It was in the way of the path to his toy.  **sigh**   I'll just keep playing fetch with him and save the jumps for Lightning.  Every dog needs his special play time, doesn't he? 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Mischief - Lightning's Day

Thumper is VERY toy driven. Stuffies to fight with and unstuff or balls etc to fetch. He's not picky. In a pinch, paper is a great substitute. Lightning is just the opposite. Maybe it's age, or maybe it's mischief. His idea of a toy, now, is Thumper's heels. Thumper runs to fetch, and Lightning chases him and chomps on his heel. It's a sneaky move. So this Monday Mischief is dedicated to Lightning, who is normally not my mischief maker. Have a great Monday (is that even possible????). :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Stinky Days

This is a bizarre post, but does anyone have any suggestions for how to reduce gas in dogs?

Lightning is stinking us out of house and home....I've walked in the last few days and told my son to go find the dog crap, but there never is any.  Hubby realized it was the gaseous stuff and we were looking for the wrong thing. 

I found a few supplements that use ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and enzymes....just wondering if anyone can recommend something specific.