Saturday, June 30, 2012

An Award!

Thanks to Raelyn and Rose at Beautifully Unique for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  We are flattered!

Be sure to visit and read about Rose.  She's a beautifully unique mixed breed, much like my Lightning.  So now I'm supposed to share 7 things about myself and the dogs.    

1.  I grew up mostly with cats as pets.  I only remember a couple of dogs, and we lived out in the country and the dogs were "free range".  They weren't the spoiled inside critters that Lightning and Thumper are.

2.  We also had 2 parakeets as pets.  My gosh those were nasty animals.   

3.  I got my first "inside" dog in 1996.  He was a Golden Retriever.  This was my first ever pedigree dog.  He was awesome.  We joke and say he was born trained, unlike Lightning, who took 6 months of obedience training to break of the bad habit of bolting out the front door every time it opened.  I got SO tired of chasing that dog, but I did get to meet a lot of my neighbors through him.  

4.  I love all dogs - mixed breed or pedigree - and prefer medium to large dogs.  I'm partial to boy dogs, too.

5.  Lightning was trained for a couple of years in obedience and agility.  Obedience competition is a bit too structured for my liking, but we enjoyed agility.  After he fell off a full height A-frame one day, I reconsidered the agility training.  With the way he's built, he's got a really heavy front end and the small hips and rear legs of a who-knows-what.  It's pretty much a mismatch for climbing a steep ramp.  Now the jumps are something we do in the yard for fun.  He's happy.  He's healthy.  I'm happy.     

6.  My dream dog is a Border Collie.  I want one one day that I can train and compete in Agility with.  I really like Red Border Collies.  Susan Garrett's Feature, Swagger, and Encore inspire me.

7.  We are Disney buffs.  Can you tell by the dogs' names?  

Now I get to pass this on to up to 15 bloggers that I addiiton to Raelyn's blog, I only got to 7 because, well, if I followed 15 blogs that closely, I'd never get any work done.  Lol.  Even if you choose not to participate in the sharing and passing on of this award, know that I really enjoy reading your blogs, and this is a really cool way to let you know that.  :)

Here goes....

Bassettmomma:  I love reading about Fred and Gloria.  I have a new adoration for Bassett Hounds now.  

Spotty Spotty Polkadotty:  This is a blog I recently discovered.  I couldn't pass by such a catchy name.  Then I saw Blueberry's picture, read her story, and was hooked.

How Sam Sees It:  Sam and Monty are Golden Retrievers with big imaginations.  I love Goldens.  I love big imaginations.  Enough said.  This was probably the first blog I followed.  Love them.

Life is Like a Box of Nuggets:  The story of Oscar and Nugget.  If you need a good laugh, read back through some of these entries.  I think their mom updates mostly their facebook now but some of the older entires will have you ROFL.  Especially the ones about Oscar the Doodle Dog.

HouseTalkN:  Here's a shocker - this isn't a dog blog.  It's a house / decorating / fashion blog.  Those are a few of my other favorite things....besides dogs.  

Life at Golden Pines:  Kim is inspirational as she takes in and cares for aging and often sick Goldens.  She also has a Wheaten Terrier.

Home is Where the Hounds Are:  Greyhounds are beautiful...especially these three - Beckett, Veil, and Maddy.  I always enjoy reading about them.  They are rescued former racing Greyhounds in Canada.  PS - One day I really want to go to looks like these guys live in a really cool place.  No pun intended.

Enjoy your Saturday and happy reading.  I'm off to Walmart (ugh - isn't that place hell on earth?) and then to a baseball tournament.   Only one more left til the season is over and we can prepare for next season...haha...unless he plays football and the dogs will once again believe they are completely neglected.  They may be asking to be rescued if that happens.  


Thursday, June 28, 2012


Is it Friday yet? Please? And can I have a chewy bone too? Please?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Meet our cousin!

Good morning friends! We have a new cousin-her name is Rayne. We haven't met her yet but we hear that she is feisty and driven. She is an Australian Cattle Dog. Her new people have been trying to housebreak her, but our aunt says that she comes in from outside and potties on the floor. She doesn't potty in her crate at night though, so she sort of knows what she should do. Does anyone have any advice on housebreaking a puppy who does this?

Here is a picture of her. Thumper would love to play with her. He promises not to mistake her for a squirrel.

Have a happy day,

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thumper Thursday

Since nobody will play with me, I guess I'll just snuggle with my ball. It's not a baseball so Mom doesn't want to play with it....don't you feel sorry for me?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I'm so bored. I'm at baseball practice again. I think I spend most of my away from work hours at baseball practice or games. The poor dogs are mostly left to their own devices. That explains the lack of stories and pics these days.

Thumper's nose is looking better. The ringworm treatment seems to be working. He has turned into an absolute baby while he felt bad. The big lump started sleeping on my side of the bed (instead of in his own) and now we have power struggles over the blanket. He really doesn't know he's a dog.

Lightning put on some weight due to their lack of exercise and got put on a diet. He acts like he's starving but he's got alot more energy and is actually playful. When he gets some weight off I hope we can start practicing agility again. He enjoyed it, but I think Thumper would be really competitive with it. I just have to hang on til the end of the baseball's got to be nearing an end, right? By the way, I have decided the proper spelling of baseball should be ba$eball. Notice the $ sign.....

Til later...bye.

Friday, June 15, 2012

When moles bite back....

Want to see what happens when moles get revenge? Check out the pic below. At least, we think and hope it was the mole getting a last shot in at his attacker. The vet is a bit stumped by how strange the mole bite looks. It was first treated for being an infected bite. She cultured it and yesterday started him on med for ringworm. He's been on meds for infection for 10 days. If anybody recognizes it as a tumor or something, let me know. If the latest med doesn't work, he has to have it biopsied! I am a bit worried about him.

Friday, June 1, 2012

It's been 5 years...

It's been 5 years since we lost our Golden Retriever, Dusty, to cancer. He had a mast cell tumor on his foot. It was very aggressive and, thankfully, he did not suffer long.

I still miss him everyday. He was my heart dog. Seems like many of the bloggers I follow have had their pets pass recently. Maybe that's what got me thinking about Dusty, or maybe I just need higher dosage meds. :/

My condolences and prayers for peace for anyone coping with the loss of a pet. Grief sucks.