Friday, March 15, 2013

Aries Update

Hello, friends,

Heres an update on Aries.

Aries is still at the vets and he still needs prayers and happy thoughts and good things so he can get well. It sounds like he might be getting a little bit better. We sure hope so. **put paws together and bow heads here**

Thanks friends. You are the best.

Thumper and Lightning

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Special Request

Hi, Friends,

Our cousin Aries is sick.  Aries is a Husky.  He's mom's favorite Husky, too.  Could you put you paws together and say some prayers or send some karma or good vibes or whatever your choice his way?  His mom keeps us updated, and it sounds like Aries and his family and vet need all the good feelings they can get.

Thank you,
Lightning and Thumper

Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday mischief: The Big Adventure

Hi Freidns,

Thumper here taking over since the Storteyller never writes about us anymore.  I had a great adventure this weekend. I've got to tell you about it. It was the best.

It started when I was in the yard playing with Lightning and watching for squirrels and birds.  Two little boys live next to us, and they really like to play with us.  There is a hole in the fence where our brother the baseball player broke the wood with a baseball and we watch the little boys through here.  The best thing is the little boys pet us through the hole and call us over to play!  They are better than squirrels.  I got so lucky yesterday and somebody opened one of the gates for me.  I'm not saying who...just in case you-know-who reads this.  What dog can resist an open gate AND little boys?  I couldn't. 

I stayed close home for a while.  The boys played with me and then I FINALLY got to go to the front flower bed and leave some peemail.  THere was so much new stuff to smell there, then I heard it.  A power wheels.  you know the little truck looking thing that little boys drive?  I've heard it's a toy but it looks liek a killer.  I got scared and ran.  That's when the adventure got BIG.

The little boys and their dad went and told on me.  They told my brother the baseball player.  He runs fast and he took off looking for me.  I was hiding down the street between two houses.  I'm good at hide and seek.  Then dad came after me.  And mom too - with the leash.  uh oh.  My baseball player brotehr is good at hide and seek too.  He found me...he said he saw my tail sticking out.  uh oh.  Next thing I remember he picked me up (I'm a big boy and I'm NOT used to being picked up off the ground!) and then dad got me (I was SCARED cause I knew I hadn't been a good dog and he knew it too) and mom put the leash on me.  I had to say bye to the little boys and their dad.  After that I was in time out.  Can you believe?  Time out.  mom gave lightning a treat for staying in the yard when the gate was open, but i didn't get one.  He is such a goody-two-shoes.  I'm planning my next adventure but don't tell mom.  It's a secret.