All about Thumper

Hi - I'm Thumper.  We don't know what my birthday is, but my gotcha day is February 2010.  The vet thinks I was around 1 year old when I was found.

My family found me when Mom stopped to get something for Lightning at Petsmart.  I was there with a nice lady who was my foster mom.  Mom couldn't pass up my cuteness.  She stopped and petted me and couldn't forget me after that.

I have fun playing with Lightning.  I like chew bones, chasing squirrels, fetching balls, digging, barking, and being outside.  The vet says I'm a Labrador Retriever.  Mom wasn't sure about that because my color is more like a golden retriever, but she did some looking on Google and found that labs can be my color.  She said that makes sense and it explains how I act and smell.  I don't know what she means by that.

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